The Rebel Ethic

Josh, Phil, Chris, and Zach talk faith, games, media, and music. On the Pop Culture Punks podcast, the Rebel Ethic crew offers their opinion on recent gaming, movie, TV, and music news.


When Phil approached me with a new title for our art and media collective, I knew there was something special in its name alone. The Rebel Ethic. As we talked about the imagery of the name and what it meant to us as artists seeking to glorify God through creativity, we were able to find the words to share our hearts with you:

For God–> Although our dream is turning what are now fun passions and hobbies into a lucrative full time gig, ultimately we are making art to glorify God. As “rebels,” we have felt like outcasts at times. Misunderstood. Full of big ideas, but feared for going against the grain. Who else better understood that feeling than Jesus. He came, lived a sinless life, and paid our debt on the cross, all because he did what God called him to do: rebel against the world. Rebel against the temptation of the evil one, and better yet, show his followers how to stand against the status quo. With that at the forefront of the Rebel Ethic ideology, we want to live in rebellion to this broken world, instead following the footsteps of Jesus. [John 15:19]

For Others–> In our intro podcast “We are the Rebel Ethic,” Phil and I lay out why we want to publicize our art. As huge music fans and media junkies, art of all kinds is special to us. It is the window into the soul, and our personal way of coming close to God is by creating art of all kinds. In trusting the Lord, we believe He can use us to encourage an audience that may feel neglected by popular Christian attitudes. We want to show the world why being a Christian is special and how it impacts everything we do. We are praying that God will help us reach the lost through the things He lays on our hearts to make and share through the ever expanding internet.

For Ourselves–> Lastly, we started this collective to get better at the things we love: music production, video, writing, etc. For us, this is our passion. No matter how time consuming or long, we enjoy making media. But we are not doing this to bring glory to our talents. On the contrary, we are doing this to reflect the praise back to our Creator.


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Thanks and God bless!

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